Sex medicine: A Change in Body and Mind


Sex medicine also by most part referred to as Sexual Medicine is a medical specialty that deals with sexual health in general. For the most part, one should understand that sexual medicine is not only about drugs or herbs that will help with sexual cravings or other problems related to sex, rather it is a medical specialty that deals with sexual health which is often influenced by views on morality and culture and will help by assessing and treating different aspects which relate to sexuality. There are four dimensions to sexual medicine; Promotional dimension, Preventive dimension, Curative dimension and Rehabilitative dimension and the issues of major concerns can be divided into two parts; disorders of the sexual organs and disorders of the psyche affecting sexuality.


Four Dimensions of Sexual Medicine
As mentioned earlier there are four different dimensions/types of sexual medicine, and each one plays a big part in the healing and recovery from sexual impotence. The four dimensions are the Promotional, Preventive, Curative and Rehabilitative dimension. Sexual medicine is defined as the medical discipline dedicated to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of male and female sexual health concerns, particularly in sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), their management, sexual behavior and risk factors for contracting STD’s.


Promotional Dimension of Sexual Medicine
This is the part that can increase awareness and lead individuals to safer, healthier and fulfilling sex life. This is mostly done by giving children/teenagers sex education. It was believed till recently that children don’t have any sexual feeling until they hit puberty, but that notion is a mistake. Foundations of adult sexuality are built early during childhood and children become interested in the intimacy that parents display between each other. Children are easily influenced and most parents’ disapproval is easily manifested into the child’s personality and becomes a type of consciousness for them. So it’s very important that children are very carefully dealt with and given proper information otherwise it could lead to a domino effect throughout their adolescence.


Preventive Dimension of Sexual Medicine
This is about counseling. Mostly applicable for individuals in the adolescence stage, this is the link between childhood and maturity. This stage is mostly considered to be met with turmoil, confusion, and stress. This stage has a very stormy nature which is not very well understood. Adolescent sexuality has to be distinguished between those coming from biological drives and the ones that come from a conflict between the drive and their surrounding psychosocial forces.

Biological changes can be variations in pubertal landmarks, nocturnal emissions, tendency to masturbate and acne (adolescents have the urge to be attractive to the opposite sex). Peer group culture leads them to question sources of authority; parents and teachers and they start feeling closer towards people their own age and interests. This can lead to adolescents start adapting to the values, likes, and dislikes of the most admired amongst them and accepting it as the norm, cringing their own individuality. Sexual drives are not controlled by one’s biological makeup but rather influenced by factors like parental authority, schools, and colleges, religion, peer groups, books, and movies.

Preoccupation with body image, dating, premarital sex, teenage pregnancies and disinterest in studies are also noted during this stage and counseling would help a lot in guiding them in the right path moreover in their own path and a safe one. Counseling is not only applicable to adolescents but really helpful for adults as well; it can go as far as to rekindle a broken marriage.


Curative Dimension of Sexual Medicine
This refers to the clinical treatment of specific sexual disorders when sexual medicines are spoken of this is where most minds transverse to, but this is only one of the few phases of sex medicine. Most clinical trials are done so that STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) can be tackled and prevented or cured and other clinical trials are done to tackle sexual impotence. Major sexually transmitted diseases are syphilis, gonorrhoea, chancroid, Lympho Granuloma, Granuloma Inguinale; these can be very life threatening diseases and could even be passed onto newborn babies, they can be treated but research is still going on to rid people of the disease, all medicines created are used to mainly subdue the side effects of the disease but does not permanently get rid of them. Minor diseases are Genital warts, Molluscum Contagiosum, Genital herpes and Trichomoniasis can be controlled to a certain extent where they don’t hurt individuals.

Sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented by following these few steps; Wash genitals daily, using only cotton underwear and changing them every day, wiping the bottom (anus) from front to back (especially for women), keeping sexual contact with only one partner (who doesn’t have infections), if there is a change in sexual partner try to look for discharge or sores around their genitals and use a condom. Washing the genitals thoroughly before and after sexual intercourse, and urinating immediately after intercourse can also help in preventing in catching STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases).

Sexual disorders are when a couple or individuals experience difficulties during sexual activities, including physical pleasure, desire, arousal or even orgasms. Sexual disorders could vary from PGAD (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder) to erectile dysfunction to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). These could lead to becoming sexually inactive or mostly losing a sex drive. Some medicines will help with these sexual problems. Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug which is very popular for solving erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and increasing sex drives but it does come with side effects, while there are some natural herbs out there that act as aphrodisiacs which help in achieving the same task without any side effects and more benefits towards health. Some of these natural herbs include Musli, Ginseng, Yohimbine and Ginkgo Biloba.


Rehabilitative Dimension of Sexual Medicine
This is the part that helps Individuals regain sexual health and there are a few remedies that help achieve this, the most important of all being counseling and taking healthy natural products like Musli to enhance your sexual desires. If sexual medicine is taken in the early stages then individuals would ideally not need to reach this stage.


Disorders in Sexual Medicine
Sexual organs: Born with defects or acquired through impractical methods of practicing sexual intercourse, these conditions refer to any pathology which can interfere with the understanding and view of normal sexual health. Conditions would include absent sexual organs, hermaphrodite, and other genetic malformations like congenital adrenal hyperplasia or even from trauma from amputation or lacerations. The largest proportion of patients fall under the category of having sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and out of the STD’s HIV and AIDS are the biggest threat to the population of the world.

Psyche affecting sexuality: A huge list of disorders can be named in this section. Most people who are unaffected by this often mock the people who are afflicted and such issues can cause individuals to spiral into depression and suicide. Different cultures have been adversely affected by specific attitudes regarding sexuality, issues include genital mutilation, institutionalized rape and honor killings can all be contributing to the problem, although most are accepted as “the norm” for a specific culture in other circumstances it would be considered as deviant behavior. Conditions which could be treated by a specialist can include( but not only limited to) erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, failure to complete intercourse, infection, and dyspareunia.

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