Musli: The Natural Wonder Drug


Musli enhances sexual health. The saponins in musli have spermatogenic properties which help in addressing impotency and erectile dysfunction. It also helps in addressing premature ejaculation, impotence and sperm count in men. Musli is a fertility booster and it nourishes the tissues of the brain and nervous and reproductive systems. Ever since the introduction of Viagra, people have been trying to research and find different natural ways to achieve the same results but without the side effects. Musli’s roots contain stigmasterol which has a molecular structure closely resembling that of testosterone which makes it a good testosterone supplement.


History of Musli

Musli is an old Indian herb whose potency was long forgotten, before its recent rediscovery thanks to the rise of Viagra. The Kani tribe of indigenous people from the western ghats of India have been using this aphrodisiac for years. The incidence of diabetes, blood pressure, obesity and cholesterol among Kani tribals is less than 2%. The Kani tribe has been surviving on roots and natural vegetation for centuries and musli has been one of the main plants that has helped them stay healthy.  Musli is widely used in the Kani tribe as an aphrodisiac which helps in sexual activity. It is also used to treat asthma by consuming around 5mg of the powdered tuber of musli with coconut milk and warm water. Diabetes is also treated in the same way as asthma, but in this case, the root stock is turned into powder instead of the tuber.

It is believed by therapists from Chattisgarh, India, that if the leaves of the musli plant were eaten as a vegetable once a year at a particular time, then you would rid yourself of all diseases for a year.  Musli has been used as a tonic for sexual conditions by Indians for centuries. It is believed that it can be used and has positive results for both sexes.


Commonly Used Types of Musli

There are two different types of musli that are commonly used; Safed musli or Chlorophytum Boriuilianum (botanical name) is a white colored plant while the Kali musli or Curculigo orchioides is a darker, brown colored plant.

Safed musli consists of (30 – 45%) carbohydrates, (15 – 25%) alkaloids, (2 – 20%) saponin and (5 – 10%) proteins. It is also a rich source of steroids, potassium, phenol, resins, mucilage, polysaccharides and simple sugars with sucrose being the most abundant while glucose, fructose, galactose, mannose, and xylose are also present. Safed musli is used in the treatment of diarrhea and diabetes, as antibiotics and in pre/post-natal care. Indications for Safed musli are normally premature ejaculation, erection problems, low libido, fatigue, low sperm count, vaginal dryness in women and sexual weakness.

Kali musli consists of: (43.48%) starch, (4.15%) tannins, (8.6%) ash, (14.18%) enzymes, glycoside, saponin, syringic acid, and curculigoside. Kali musli is used in treating sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, as a sexual enhancer, to increase potency, to strengthen muscles and bones, and also to treat hyperpigmentation and other skin diseases. Kali musli roots contain a Triterpene Saponin named Stigmasterol. The molecular structure of Stigmasterol is identical to that of male testosterone and therefore can act as a testosterone supplement. The saponins in Kali musli contain spermatogenic properties which help in addressing impotency and erectile dysfunction. It also helps in addressing premature ejaculation, impotence and sperm count in men. Indications for Kali musli are normally impotence, piles, urinary problems, gonorrhea, syphilis, skin problems and jaundice.

They both have very similar properties including the fact that they both don’t have any side effects; normally Kali musli is used as a substitute for Safed musli.


How Musli Can Be Processed and Used

Safed musli can be taken as a tonic or crushed and in a capsule form. When taken in capsule form it can help with impotence. The tonic is mostly given to pregnant women to help them replenish essential nutrients during the postpartum stage. The powdered form of Safed musli is used to treat chronic leucorrhoea.

Kali musli can be used as a paste, in crushed powder form or even burnt and then smoked. It can be smoothened to a paste and applied onto the skin to relieve oneself from skin disorders like itching, while higher quantities of the paste applied on the skin can help relieve pain and burning sensations. Powdered musli can be ingested in capsule form to get relief from indigestion, constipation, liver ailments and it is especially effective against jaundice. Taking 1–2 capsules in the morning and in the night can significantly improve sexual performance, elevate sperm count and treat premature ejaculation. Musli can also be smoked to effectively cure respiratory diseases like asthma, cold and cough.


Medicinal Use of Musli

When used in sexual enhancers it has the ability to increase sperm count, reduce premature ejaculation and even get rid of erectile dysfunction with controlled and proper use, without any side effects. It works well with antibiotics as well because the roots naturally contain anti-stress and antioxidant properties. The sedimentary extracts of musli showed amounts of triglycerides, cholesterol, serum corticosterone and plasma glucose which all help in decreasing ulcer index, suprarenal gland and weight just as effectively as diazepam (Valium). Regular use of musli has been proven to increase HDL (High-density lipoprotein), the ‘good cholesterol’, and also reduces plasma and hepatic lipid profiles. In prenatal care, musli is a nourishing tonic for the mother and the fetus and in postnatal care, it helps increase lactation and restores body fluids during the postpartum stage. There have been no side effects noted from taking musli in a controlled state.

Due to the diverse medicinal benefits of musli, it is considered as one of the most important herbs by the Medicinal Plants Board.


Ayurvedic Herbs Combined With Musli

Tribulus Terrestris is a herb which is renowned for its multiple health benefits. It protects a person from cardio-vascular diseases, can reduce high blood pressure and it can convert bad fats in the blood to available energy. It even fights against the symptoms of light depression and promotes deeper and restorative sleep.  It increases the levels of testosterone, reduces erectile dysfunction as well as increases fertility in men and the production of spermatozoa. If musli and Tribulus Terrestris are combined together, it would act as a sexual booster, improving the body and the mind at the same time. In women, it helps by increasing the concentration of hormones which promotes ovulation and libido. It is one of the most ancient medicines in the world.

Myristica Fragrans commonly known as Nutmeg is a herb that closely resembles musli due to its ability to stimulate sexual desire, promote intromission frequency, ejaculatory latency and control premature ejaculation. Nutmeg contains traces of essential oils like myristicin and mace lignan which help slow down the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. When combined with musli it can give additional benefits such as healing of the kidney by dissolving kidney stones and flushing out antioxidants from all the organs leading to better functioning of the organs.


Applications of Musli for Men and Women

For men, musli will help control erectile dysfunction whether it is a psychological problem or a physiological one. It stops and cures premature ejaculation. It can increase sexual desire. It improves stamina and the ability to maintain an erection. It helps increase sperm count which is a vital part of fertility, and the volume of ejaculation. Musli will improve and promote general well-being and vitality by improving physical power and stamina, and also improves semen quality and increases libido.

For women, a lot of the benefits are very similar to those in men since it all relates to a sense of well-being, but distinctively, musli helps women to respond to natural sexual urges. It helps to correct hormonal shifts and imbalances, excessive menstrual bleeding, urinary tract infections, vaginal dryness, tightness of vagina and the loss of sensation in sexual organs. Musli will help women increase their sexual drive, the frequency of desire and libido. It also helps in maintaining youthfulness and improves vaginal lubrication.



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