Exercise is Considered as a Sex Medicine for Male


How Exercise Can be a Sex Medicine for Male

Exercise plays a vital role in how much sex power a person can muster. It is directly linked to a healthier lifestyle too. Moderate exercise will help in increasing the sex power of an individual immensely. Simple push-ups and even 30 minutes of walking or jogging can do wonders to build the sex power. This will fall under the rehabilitative dimension of sexual medicine. Exercise will help increase blood circulation, burning calories and will also diminish stress, which will lead an individual to feel better and confident with themselves. Exercises that concentrate on the legs, chest, and back will enhance the release of testosterone and increase flexibility to the body which can help accommodate different positions in bed. Cardio exercises are very important to men in order to sustain an erection. Strengthening the upper body can increase one’s stamina and burning 200 calories a day at the minimum can lower the risk of erectile dysfunction. A few exercises that will immensely help increase sex power are Kegels, Push-ups, Squats, upward facing dog and seated saddle stretch. Each one will help in a different way but they all have the common goal of increasing the sex power in an individual.


Kegels as an Exercise in Sex Medicine for Male

This exercise can help in improving endurance in an individual and improves control by toning and strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles (muscles that stop the flow of urine) and perineal muscles (muscles that support the rigidness of an erection and also provides power for ejaculation).

This exercise can be done by learning which muscle blocks the urethra, which are the PC muscles (pubococcygeus muscles). Once this is identified learn how to control it by stopping the flow of urine while going to the toilet. As you do this more often increase the squeeze duration, intensity and the number of reps until you tire. While doing this exercise make sure not to hold your breath, push the stomach down or even tighten the stomach, buttocks or thighs. About 5-second squeezes are ideal and relax in between each contraction.


Push-ups as an Exercise in Sex Medicine for Male

This exercise will help in strengthening the upper body and core. Will help in increasing the staying power and also enable an individual to maintain a strong thrust, core and upper body strength during sex.

This exercise can be done by starting in a plank position with the hands directly under the shoulders and with the feet at hip distance apart. Push up from the palm of your hands while making sure that the back is not arched too high or low; keep the back as straight as possible. Once up lower chest back to the floor and repeat for about 15 to 20 times at the beginning and the numbers will gradually increase as more time and practice is given.


Squats as an Exercise in Sex Medicine for Male

This exercise is best known for how it can increase testosterone levels and increases the blood flow to the pelvic region, which in turn increases the intensity if orgasms. This is an easy to do and incredible exercise which can enhance sex power and it will also help in strengthening the lower body.

Squats can be done with having a dumbbell in each hand by your sides, then bending the hips and the knees to squat as low as possible, at the same time raise your arms up. Try to keep the shins as vertical as possible and the knees should not overextend over one’s toes. After that rise back up and repeat by going down again, try to complete 15 of these a day to increase sex power.


Upward Facing Dog as an Exercise in Sex Medicine for Male

This exercise is more of a stretch and is found commonly in the practice of yoga. It helps in stretching the core, psoas and hip flexors increasing the energy and the blood flow to the pelvic area. This stretch will help in protecting the lower back for any heavy lifting in the gym or in the bedroom.

The Upward facing dog stretch position can be achieved by first lying on the belly with the legs at hip distance apart and the top of the feet touching the floor. Bring the hands to the sides of the chest and lift the torso up by pushing up with your hands. Lift all the way up and then roll shoulders back and down, try not to hunch the shoulders into the neck. Hold this position for about 15 seconds while breathing at a normal rate.


Seated Saddle Stretch as an Exercise in Sex Medicine for Male

This stretch is especially useful for people who work while sitting at a desk and in front of a computer for many hours, as this can constrict and stagnate the muscles below the waist. Doing this stretch will help loosen the muscles and bring blood flow back into the pelvic and groin regions. More blood flow to these regions will mean that there will be more sensation in these parts which will, in turn, increase the pleasure derived from orgasms.

The seated saddle stretch position can be achieved by sitting on the floor with legs wide apart, flex the feet and make sure that the knees are facing the ceiling. After that roll the shoulders back and start to lean forward towards the ankle, calves or toes and try to grab and hold there. Each time you exhale try to go stretch even further and try not to hunch or curve the back. Hold this position for the duration of about 5 – 10 long and deep breaths.


Twisting Forward Bend as an Exercise in Sex Medicine for Male

This exercise is more of a stretch than anything to make you sweat. This stretch will help in rejuvenating a lot of muscles within the body that fatigue pretty quickly, compared to other muscles; stretches the inner thighs, hamstrings, oblique’s, pectoral’s,  triceps and latissimus dorsi. This is a two-step process in achieving the stretch.

The twisting forward bend position can be achieved by sitting on the floor with one leg extended while the other leg is tucked into the thigh. So for this example let’s take the right foot as the outstretched leg, which will make the left leg fold into the thigh of the right leg. Once in this position square your chest by twisting the torso towards the knee that is bent (the left knee in this scenario), next you will have to move your left hand towards the backside (so the hand is at your back), it will be vice versa if the right foot was tucked into the left thigh. Now with your right hand try to reach and grab hold of your calves, ankles or toes of the right leg without bending the knee. Push out with your left hand which is behind your back and try to hold this position for at least one minute. The second part of this stretch will be when you try to move the crown of your head towards the toes of the outstretched leg (the right leg in this scenario). Try to get as close as you can towards the toes and hold that position for 30 seconds. Slowly then relax and release yourself from the position and stand up, shake your legs and sit back down to start the stretch on the other leg.


Stationary Lunges as an Exercise in Sex Medicine for Male

This exercise is good for building strength, endurance, mobility, and balance and core stability in an individual. They also increase the blood flow towards the pelvic regions which will help in increasing sex power in the bedroom. It will also help in giving more balance when having sex more mobility to the hip flexor as well.

Stationary lunges can be achieved by standing straight and all, to begin with, then step one foot forward about a foot in the distance and bend both the knees to about 90 degrees and only stopping when the back knee is almost an inch away from the ground. Also, make sure that the forward knee is not pushed too forward when bent that it crosses over the toes of the front foot. The final step is to push through the front heel and come back into a standing position. Do about 15 repetitions of this for each leg, or you could even do one leg at a time alternatively. Adding dumbbells by holding them at either end with your hand you can increase the intensity of this exercise.


Other Exercises Which can be Used in Sex Medicine for Male

Not only is muscular stamina needed for sex, cardiovascular endurance is just as important, it can be achieved by rock climbing, running, swimming, speed walking; any type of sport would suffice as well. Flexibility is another important factor as this would allow for an increased amount of blood flow throughout the body. Men tend to store a lot of tension in their hips and lower back, different yoga styles which promote stretching can help the body relax. Diet is also another important aspect, loading the body with depressants and stimulants like caffeine, sugar, alcohol and cigarettes can have negative effects on the libido and general health. Cutting down on any of these will drastically increase the amount of testosterone coursing through the body.

Interval Training: – This type of training can help in increasing stamina and endurance and the easy thing is they can be done almost anywhere. Interval training is when an individual goes through alternating periods of high- and low-intensity activity. After warming up and stretching start intervals at full speed, pushing yourself as hard and as fast as you can go for at least 30 seconds then take rest for a minute and quickly repeat the exercise. Adding 10 reps of this every once or twice a week can immensely help in increasing sex power.

Tongue Push-ups: – This is a very easy to do exercise and can help in decreasing chances of tongue or jaw cramps when performing oral sex. Tongue push-ups are done by pushing the underside tip of the tongue into the roof of the mouth, right behind the teeth and applying pressure there. After practicing and getting used to the movement try to add hard-shelled chocolate’s and try to break them in between the tongue and the hard palate. Grapes would be a healthier option to be used, this will boost the strengthening of the tongue and jaw muscles.

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