Exercise and Sexual Health


Sexuality plays a vital role in our daily life and it is a part of being human. So maintaining sexual health is as important as maintaining physical and mental health. In achieving sexual health, healthy relationship and disease prevention play key role. Similarly, in maintaining sexual health and to make sexual life more pleasurable there are several lifestyle factors that can be taken to consideration. The most important thing among them is exercise.

We know that exercise has numerous life-saving benefits. It is one of the greatest weapons to fight several killer diseases. But most of the people are unaware of its influence in sexual life. Exercise can help us maintain physical fitness and it can reflect in bedrooms as well. Staying fit can affect the quality and intensity of sex. Workouts can help flexibility and endurance as well. So the best way to stay hot-blooded is to engage in regular exercise.

Why a physically fit person enjoys sex to the fullest? There are several answers for this rational question. Regular exercise can create progressive change in our body as well as the brain, which in turn helps sexual health. It can increase the blood flow throughout the body as well as to the genital organs and thus improve sex and boost lust. It even affects the desire of engaging in sexual intercourse, intensifies orgasm and makes us feel better. Thus it has a positive effect on sexual performance on people of all age whether male or female.


Hormone Balancing

Studies prove that exercise can help the production of endorphin which is a natural pain and stress fighter in our brain. It is a hormone that provides relief from stress and relaxes our body. It also lowers cortisol level which makes us feel better. As the stress reduces, the chance of healthy sex life eventually increases. This also lifts mood and increases energy. Endorphins are also involved in the release of sex hormones in the pituitary gland.

Exercise has been linked to the amount of production of sex hormone, testosterone which is vitally important for a man. A fit body maintains an adequate amount of testosterone which improves libido. It acts as a fuel and intensifies sex drive in both male and female.


Boosts Blood Circulation

Regular exercise boosts blood circulation throughout the body and makes arteries healthier and flexible. As the cardiovascular activities improve there will be an increase in stamina. With a stronger body, the durability of successful and intense sex increases. In male, it can also help erection. This also primes our brain for sexual satisfaction. Good blood flow can affect lubrication and genital sensation.

Aging can spoil the sexual efficiency of both men and women. But it is can fact that physical fitness can fight the decline in sexual performance that comes with age.

Exercise can reduce the possibility of enlarged prostate in man. Semen quality is also noticed to increase in men who workout.

Boosting of blood flow has another magnificent result in the sexual efficiency of man. The risk of erection abnormality in the man known as erectile dysfunction can be reduced to high extend with the help of exercise. This is because of the increased blood flow to the penis.


Body Building

When it comes to the muscular aspect of sex, fitness always has an advantage. Fitness lasts the durability of ejaculation and also flexibility. Erection and other sexual activities are also benefitted by body fitness. Obesity can create an imbalance in hormone level and also negatively affect sex life. So it is always advised to maintain a healthy for a healthy sexual life.

The positive effects of exercises in maintaining sexual health thus continue. So for overall enhanced sexual health, the best panacea is exercise.

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