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  • Delayed Ejaculation
  • Lasting Erection
  • Clinically Validated
  • No Side Effects
  • 100% Natural

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Invigo is unlike any other product. It is an encapsulated sexual health formulation that can address most sexual dysfunctions a man can have. The product is formulated using a few powerful Ayurvedic herbs including Musli, Ayurveda's highly acclaimed sexual performance enhancer.

Most sexual problems can be caused by several different root causes. For example, erectile dysfunction could have several underlying causes like improper blood flow, distorted nervous signals, decreased testosterone etc. The different herbs in the Invigo formulation address most of the possible root causes that usually result in sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and loss of sperm count. This comprehensive and wide coverage substantially increases the efficacy rates of Invigo.

We identified three different problems that most sexual health products have.

Short term focus & accompanying dependency

Most sexual health products merely address external symptoms temporarily. Which causes a dependence on the product and one ends up planning his sexual life around a drug each day.

Harsh Side Effects

Most sexual health products are very invasive in their quest to demonstrate immediate effects, and thus end up disturbing the human body's natural balance. The resulting side effects are usually harsh and dangerous.

No clinical validation

Most herbal and natural Ayurvedic products are time tested, but are rarely tested for safety and clinically validated in modern laboratories. This results in exposure to risks of high microbial contents, pesticide residues etc.

In the case of Invigo, we have taken special care to address all these concerns.

Sustainable Efficacy

Invigo however is not an overnight solution that merely suppresses symptoms temporarily. Invigo goes deeper and sustainably tries to address the root cause of most sexual problems within 2 - 7 days of use. Users of Invigo affirm that the biggest advantage of the product is its sustained long lasting effect, because of which they get to a point where they are no more dependent on any external medicine or supplement for their continued sexual performance.

No Side Effects

Invigo has no side effects. True to Ayurvedic tradition, Invigo is non-invasive and works totally in tandem with the human body's natural system. The ingredients of Invigo are mostly common food ingredients in India, and they work together synergistically to correct existing imbalances in the body and to restore balance and sustainability in bodily functions. Invigo works in harmony with the body, and does not artificially inhibit or suppress symptoms for immediate short term benefits.

Clinical Validation

We leverage modern clinical technology to ensure that Invigo adheres to the highest global standards of quality. The product is taken through a drill of clinical analyses at SGS, the world's leading testing and Verification Company based in Switzerland. Extensive tests including heavy metal studies, pesticide residue analysis, microbial studies, aflatoxin studies and acute oral toxicity studies are conducted on Invigo to clinically validate the safety and efficacy of the product.

Synergizing Ayurveda’s Secrets.

We at Herbz, have always believed that nature holds a cure for all human ailments. These magical cures of nature have always been there for us to use, but with science and technology offering several momentary answers, man failed to seek and find the wholesome solutions that nature offered.

But Kerala was an exception. A large majority of the people in Kerala still use Ayurvedic medicines in their daily lives, and the state is a repository of talented Ayurvedic doctors and secret Ayurvedic formulations that are miraculously effective.

Based in Malabar, the hub of Ayurveda in Kerala, the Herbz team extensively studies Ayurvedic resources available in Kerala and identifies the most powerful and effective Ayurvedic formulations that can serve global societies by bridging gaps in popular modern health sciences. These formulations are then standardized, refined, tested safe, licensed and packaged in convenient forms ideal for consumption and use across diverse cultures.

Herbz focuses merely on formulations that are fully natural, safe and effective, offering sustainable results. All Herbz products adhere to the highest safety standards and are manufactured at GMP certified plants.